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E-bells are good investments that gives less loss of animals, and reduces the amount of time spent looking for them.
If you wonder how many bells you’ll need, we recommend using our Bell Calculator which shows number of bells and price. In addition, it gives a view of how much you can save if you put in the value of your own working hours.
It is possible to apply for economical funding for investing in E-bells.


Fits sheep, cattle and reindeer.

To get a good overview of your animals we recommend tracking 25% of the herd although the most ideal is to track 100% of the grown animals.

Try our Bell Calculator.

In addition to the bell you’ll need a charging unit to charge and program the bell.

The price per bell decreases if you choose a package of more bells. Remember that neighbours can share a charging unit.

Price per unit is: 2100kr | 226€ | 269.5$ ex tax.

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Charging unit

For charging and programming

Uses wireless charging, and charges 5 bells at a time. After about 2,5 hours the E-bell should be fully charged.

A full battery will last about a year if it sends one position once a day.

The charging unit is also used to program the bell, upgrade software, and add message plans.

Neighbours can share a charging unit.

Price per unit: 4500kr | 484.5€ | 577.5$ ex tax.



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