About us

Findmy produces equipment for electronic tracking of animals, people and objects. The tracking is based on satellite technology, and therefore not dependant on mobile signal. The founders are Norwegian sheep farmers who knows the challenges of keeping grazing animals in tough terrain.

The story about Findmy

Findmy started a year Marit Mjøen Solem and Arnstein Solem was missing 23% of their lambs. The despairing situation led them to researching electronic tracking systems. They soon discovered that none of the solutions would work on their grazing area. Electronic tracking was based solely on mobile signal, and there simply was no mobile signal in that area.

Tracking not dependent on mobile signal was a must

The solution was to develop a tracking system themselves, and the first prototype was made on the farm where Marit and her brother Halvor grew up. Their goals were animal welfare and practicality -the bells had to be light, but at the same time robust, and the sheep had to be tracked without mobile signal.

Tracking cattle, people and objects

Today Findmy has about 25 000 e-bells on sheep in active use. But the technology that started at the kitchen table is also developed for use on more than sheep. The bells can easily be adjusted to fit everything from reindeer to camel, and the technology is also used for tracking of people, boats and big machinery.

The owners are sheep farmers

Halvor Mjøen, Marit Mjøen Solem and Arnstein Solem are owners and developers, and Marit is the CEO of Findmy. As experienced farmers, they know what’s most important for their customers -animal welfare, price, and functionality. They follow their own animals year-round and does everything from lambing to collecting sheep from grazing -to purchasing and budgeting.

They’ve felt the dispair when a big amount of animals go missing, and they’ve seen how the electronic tracking eases the collecting of animals at the end of the season and improves the life of both owners and animals.

Own workhours as a part of the equation

Halvor has made many calculations on what it costs to track an animal electronic compared to the cost of not doing so. What was hardest to calculate was the use of own work hours, but over time he has managed to make an estimate. Thus, he knows how the electronic bells affects the total economy, and he has no doubt it’s a benefitial investment.

E-bells are developed and produced in Norway

The bells are developed in Kvikne and produced in Topro, Gjøvik. This allows us in Findmy to have a close collaboration with the production company. We are proud to deliver this kind of electronic product produced and developed in Norway.

Technology always developing

Findmy works continuously to better our systems by, among other things, adding functions suggested by our costumers. The goals is to launch an update of the bell’s system every year. The program used on the computer, and the app for smartphone is updated when needed.


The people behind Findmy

Marit Mjøen Solem

Founder, sheep farmer and CEO

Marit is a sheep farmer at Kvikne with Arnstein. She has a big heart for her animals, and has been a driving force to find good solutions for getting the animals home from the mountain. Marit is also responsible of a lot of the administrative, and is often out talking about Findmy to both students, press and politicians.

Arnstein Solem

Founder and sheep farmer

Arnstein got a sheep farm via marriage at Kvikne, and soon proved himself to be an outstanding midwife during the lambing. With Marit, Arnstein built a new barn in 2009. The same year they lost 23% of their lambs. The motivation to find a solution for this was, and is, very big.

Halvor Mjøen

Founder and developer

Halvor Mjøen was born and raised on a sheep farm in Kvikne. The farm has suffered many losses of lambs during the grazing, which engaged Halvor. He is one of the four founders of Findmy, and has worked with technical solutions for the company.




Håkon Innerdal

Founder and technical guru

Håkon is educated in electronics, and is a real computer freak. Håkon is also one of Findmy’s founders, and is the one who has built the technical structures in the company.

Fredrik Malvik Forbregd

Sales and marketing manager

Fredrik is considered Findmy’s motor against the world. He helps our costumers with most things and is responsible for sales and marketing, always with a glimpse in his eye.

Heidi Baar

Dairy farmer and “administration manager”

Heidi runs one of the bigger dairy farms in the region with her husband. Heidi fixes mostly everything, and is responsible for operating the office. She works with billing, costumer service and other administrative tasks, always with full overview.

Erlen Arntzen

Salesman and the costumers best friend

Erlen has managed a big sheep farm at Kvikne, and knows what challenges a sheep farmer meets. Erlen is very skillful, and is always enganged when it comes to animals. In Findmy he works following up costumers, and selling our products to new costumers.