-A pretty brilliant tool

Raymond Sandvik fra Frøya tror han kanskje er av dem som gir e-bjøllene fra Findmy de hardeste utfordringene.

Raymond Sandvik from Frøya thinks he might be the one that gives the E-bells from Findmy the toughest challenges.

Sandvik has wild sheep, and owns 700 animals which grazes outside year-round in an area of 160 square kilometres on the island Frøya in Norway.

Four years ago he only had 50 sheep. Since then he has bought more and committed to his animals.

-Where did you hear about Findmy?

-I was confident it would be possible to herd with GPS technology, so me and my friend used the internet to look up different options. That’s when we found the people behind Findmy, and I was one of the first to join in and use their E-bells, says Sandvik.

He is very happy about the company.

-They’ve called me, and followed me since the start. They’ve made sure I have the right software, and all in all been easy to deal with.

Since his grazing season is longer than a lot of other farmers, he keeps track of the sheep year-round. This means he’s in contact with the suppliers of the E-bell at other times than the other farmers.

-I use my phone when I’m checking up on my animals to see where they are. When I’m going out with grain food or other things to keep the animals tame, it’s great to see where they are first so I don’t have to look. It’s nice to use the accessible remedies, and the E-bells from Findmy has been a brilliant tool for me.

-How many bells do you have?

-Today I’ve got about 30. I’ve been planning to buy some more, but when you’re investing in so many different things it limits it. It’s expensive to do it all at the same time.

-How has the E-bells helped you?

-It saves me a lot of looking around, and makes the supervising a lot easier.

-How often do you receive alarms from your sheep?

-It’s very seldom, actually. The wild sheep is excellent when it comes to surviving, birth, and mother qualities. They’re completely different from other types of sheep. They’re like wild animals, deer and moose, and there is a very low death rate among these. They don’t get a lot of lambs, but they take good care of the ones they get.

-Why do you want to recommend Findmy?

-It’s stabile. It’s also pretty easy, they have great service. If a bell doesn’t work, they get me a new one. If they had been greedy on that part, I don’t think I would have used them.

Since Sandvik has been with us from the start, he’s also been there for the ups and downs.

-It’s been a process, but they’ve been helpful the whole way.

-What do you think of the functionality?

-It’s as safe as the bank. After some problems with the plastic coming up with the first models , they’ve been upgraded. The product is still developing. Although it’s safe to say my bells are handled pretty rough, that’s how it is when you have wild sheep.